Over the Past few years, new websites like Pinterest have provided us with a treasure trove of Do-It-Yourself ideas for home, life, events and more. Taking on DIY projects to use at your wedding is a great idea but it can be a little overwhelming when you see how many ways an old wine bottle or wooden palette can be used in a new creation. Before you stress and become a wine bottle hoarder, let the ladies at the Ice House and Crushed Iced Catering share a few of our favorite projects that we’ve seen online or in our Louisville venue!


DIY Party Favors: Party favors aren’t a necessary item for your wedding, but sometimes it’s nice to remind your guests that you truly thank them for sharing in your special day. There are so many cute, inexpensive ways to DIY small party favors that everyone will use and love. We love “living favors”, plants, seeds, etc. Succulents are very popular right now and look so pretty in your home. Why not gather up some small pots/buckets, have a planting day with your bridesmaids and put together some personalized pots for your guests to take home. Find cute paper that matches your colors and just wrap the little plastic pots they already come in- easy enough! Plus, succulents can go a long time without water and will be a perfect hardy option for your favors!

Pack up seeds for your party favor!
Seed from your favorite flowers are a fabulous and small favor for your guests
Wrap your pots in paper to match your theme.
Step by step wrapping for your little pots!

DIY Guest Book: Although the traditional Guest “Book” is a nice and classic way to have people sign and give their well-wishes, couples are experimenting with more fun options that reflect their personality and the theme of their day. Louisville loves their bourbon. If you do too, then maybe having guests sign a painted bourbon barrel head is a fun option for you. Frame your favorite quote or new monogram on heavyweight paper and have your guests sign around  it. Let your guests have a little fun adding leaves to your “tree of life” or go movie themed and have them stamp a balloon! Choose a design that allows you to hang it up or display back in your home instead of storing on a dusty shelf. All you need to make these is just a steady hand and a little creativity!

A "Tree of Life" guest book option
These little wooden shapes can be ordered at most craft stores and put together.
Use guest's thumbprints and names to create your picture
If a storybook romance is up your alley, then try something like this!

DIY Menu Boards: Let your guests know what thy’re loading up their plates with by labeling your menu. This can be one simple board at the front of a buffet line, or place cards by each individual item. The Ice House and Crushed Ice Catering use items as simple as small square mirrors with a paint pen/chalkboard pen. Grab your friend with the best handwriting and toss her a pen! Cute handwriting adds a personal touch and saves you money on printing fees. You can use whatever items you can find that go along with your theme.

Mirrors with chalk pen used for menu board.
Mirrors are a good way to reflect the lighting inside the venue.
Chalkboard bar menu.
Chalkboards are always a good option for listing out drinks or food items.

DIY Centerpieces: Centerpieces are going to be a huge component of your decor. Floral arrangements are most commonly used in the center of a table, but that doesn’t mean that you are limited to using only giant vases full of flowers. Here’s where your wine bottles can come in handy! Find a color of spray paint that will compliment your colors without overpowering, and spray different sizes and shapes of bottles. Place flowers or candle sticks in each. Glitter is also good for bottles or jars. However, before you go buying a bunch of glitter, know that it does not always stay where you place it and that you may be picking glitter out of your hair until the second you walk down that aisle 😉 Be sure to work with the season too! Colorful leaves,  pine cones for fall, or ornaments for winter make for very inexpensive centerpiece additions.

Bottle and flowers as a centerpiece.
Painting old bottles and pulling flowers from your other decor is a great way to make a centerpiece.
Winter centerpieces.
Pulling pine cones and other greenery is the perfect chance to reflect the season.


So there you have it! DIY can be a great way to add a fun personal touch to your big day and it could end up saving you some money in the long run (and who doesn’t love that). Have you done a DIY project that you feel the world needs to know about? Share it with us and maybe you can be our next feature! As for now, Happy Crafting!