Are you a brunch lover? That’s a silly thing to ask because everybody loves brunch. Now here’s a real question: Do you think you’d have a brunch wedding? You may be thinking “no” right away, but I bet by the end of this week’s post you’ll be considering it for your Louisville Wedding!

Before I go into specifics, let me give you a general run-down about why brunch weddings are the best.

  • First off, hosting in the early hours of the day means that the heat hasn’t hit just yet. This gives you a few extra hours not having to worry about sweating off your fresh makeup and being able to enjoy being outside a bit longer.
  • You can also host on a Saturday or Sunday and many venues, like The Ice House, offer discounts for booking on a Sunday since it’s less popular. That means less money spent on your part. Plus, we have an awesome rooftop garden that would be perfect for a brunch reception!
  • Speaking of saving money, brunch events also tend to lean more on the casual side. This means the decor can be playful and even your dress, groomsmen suits, and bridesmaids dresses can match the event and keep it a little less formal. Your menu can also be on the lighter side, and there’s no need to pay for an expensive lighting package or a full bar!

Let’s break it down a little more:



Like I said, we don’t need a full bar at 10AM, but it’s nice to have a little somethin’ for your guests to sip on. I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about too- Mimosas. Ahhhhh yes, everyone loves a little bubbly in their OJ! But have you thought about a mimosa bar? Grab your favorite varieties of juice, put out some bowls of fresh fruit and let the guests be their own bartender. The combinations are endless and make for a fun and refreshing morning drink.

If mimosas aren’t your thing (Gasp!) then maybe you’d like to try a Bloody Mary bar. Have your bartender serve up spicy or sweet Bloody Marys and have your guests load up a skewer of their favorites! Pickles, bacon, celery, peppers, spices and more, are sure to add a fun twist to a morning cocktail.

Get creative with your drinks!
Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bars are Perfect for Brunch

As a former Barista, there’s one beverage that a brunch wedding would not be complete without: Coffee. Not only is it a “thank you” for those guests who struggled to put themselves together this early for you, but it’s an excuse to create the most adorable coffee bar or cart. Serve a cup to your friends and family as they walk in to the ceremony and keep it going throughout the reception. Personalize cardboard cup and/or sleeves to add a fun touch,  and a fancy mocha will keep those under-agers happy even though they can’t have a mimosa.

Coffee bars are a MUST for brunch.
Keep those early risers happy with a special coffee bar.


Your Food choices also offer you a chance for you to stray from the ordinary. Find a caterer like Crushed Ice Catering that has an awesome breakfast menu and go to town. Omelets, frittata, muffins, quiche, waffles (yes please!), fresh fruit. I could go on forever with all of the awesome options.

Even though “brunch” and “cake” aren’t usually two words we put together, having a small cake for your dessert can still be a great idea. Ditch the heavy icing and 5-tiers and try something simple and sweet like a naked cake. Many bakers are trying these lately and they are really a beautiful and delicious way to keep with tradition. You can even pair your small cake with donuts or pastries to stick with the morning theme.

Try a waffle cake for something unexpected and delicious!
Feeling like you want to try something new? How about a waffle cake!
A small Naked Cake would be perfect for a brunch reception
“Naked Cakes” are a beautiful and delicious option for brunch.


Receptions during the day may not require the same “entertainment” as an evening affair. A band or a DJ could be a great idea as far as music goes, but chances are, grandma isn’t going to want to cut a rug on the dance floor at 11am. This is a great time to socialize and have some yard games out for guests to just enjoy their time with their family and friends. Cornhole, ladder golf, giant Jenga, and even board games will be sure to make everyone feel like a kid again and have fun celebrating with you.

Personalize your Corn Hole Boards!
Add a personal touch to your reception activities.


This may be my favorite point of all. Your decor can be simple yet make an impact at the same time. Focus on plants and pops of color instead of lighting and candles. Paper garland or bunting banners look so cute and bring more color and height. Your buffets or stations are bound to be delicious so play up how good they look set up! Chalk signs, menu tags and greenery will make them stand out and look as beautiful as they are yummy.

Love you a Brunch!
Chalk walls and menu tags look awesome on your buffet set up.

Liking the idea but still feeling that a brunch wedding isn’t for you? Take these ideas and pass them along to your family or bridal party and turn them into a shower or day-after party for a smaller crowd. You can’t go wrong with brunch!